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For small to medium-sized businesses.

Pricing & Cost Optimisation

Marketing Strategy & Event Handling

Management & Strategy

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 Pricing & Cost Optimisation

Using management accounting, we can assist you with pricing products and services taking into account all your fixed and variable costs. Related to this, we are able to calculate profitability of a product or service and whether it should be expanded on or whether it is not a viable business offering. We can do a cost-analysis to see whether certain costs do return value to your business.

 Marketing Strategy & Event   Management

Your marketing budget as a small business is probably small, therefore it is important that you know how to spend it wisely so that it benefits your business the most. We can help you strategise on how to use your marketing budget to get the most value. With our experience in event organisation, we can combine these specialties to help you create and market a great event.

 Management & Business   Management

Managing a business from the beginning can be daunting especially without proper processes in place and effective management. With our guidance, we can help you create effective business practices that will ensure your business has the necessary capabilities to overcome adversities you face in your business's existence.


Focusing on the present is necessary for managing operations in the short-term, but long-strategy is vital for sustaining your success. With our in-house developed strategy framework, we can assist you planning for the long-term whilst revisiting important aspects of your business foundation such as planning, executing and performing.

OUR Success stories

Line Dancing Company

Through our consulting process, we helped digitalise a line dancing studio with an emphasis on event management and digital strategy. After successful implementation, we helped double their revenue to R12 000 per month.