The Delega STory

You don't have to look far to realise that the web design industry is riddled with bad experiences and soured relationships. 

We started in light of these experiences with the primary purpose of creating supportive relationships with small-to-medium sized business owners. Building long-term successful relationships is a core part of our identity. 

Our success is related to the success of our clients - that is why we go the extra mile to ensure you are successful in your journey. Based in South Africa, we equip business owners with the capabilities to adapt to ever-changing business environments.



We enhance your small to medium-sized business with the vision of creating value for you and your customers.

We care about ensuring your business succeeds in the long-term whilst equipping your business with a professional online presence combining social media management and digital advertising.

We partner with you through monthly consulting that focuses on solving your specific business challenges.

23% of small businesses fail in their first year, we don't want that to happen to you.


of small business fail in their first year.

We do not want to sell a product and leave a small business on their own. We want to help them succeed wherever possible with our business consulting that has experience in issues affecting small to medium-sized businesses.


of small business owners believe their business is too small for a website.

No business is too small to benefit from an online website. We have priced our packages strategically in order to assist small businesses and help them become an accessible business online.


of small businesses do not have a website.

We want to empower businesses to have an online presence that will benefit their business. We have the technical know-how to make it a seamless and rewarding experience.


of small business owners with a website feel they have a competitive advantage on those without a website.

There is no reason not to have a website for your business. Delega has identified that there is a need to help business owners in website creation and consulting so that they can focus on their core business operations.